The Adventures of Gravedigger, Volume Two
The Adventures of Gravedigger, Volume Two

ISBN: 8708344022
Year of publication: 2014
Sequence of author: Gravedigger(№1)
Keywords: Pulp Fiction

The Adventures of Gravedigger, Volume Two

Barry Reese


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Barry Reese The Adventures of Gravedigger, Volume Two Chapter I: Voyagers on the Sea of Death Sovereign City Harbor, 1937 Bulky and foreboding in the thick night fog, the steamship Geischler loomed over the pier to which she was moored, where busy ship hands were loading the last pieces of cargo into her hold. The dim lights cast from the pier were kind to the Geischler, hiding the scratched and unpainted hull of the ship. In fact, the lighting combined with the fog to give the false impression of grandeur to the steamship, making it appear to be a mammoth, proud vessel, when in fact it was rated at only eight thousand tons. Though a freighter, the Geischler carried passengers, sometimes as many as two dozen. One of those passengers was standing on the main deck watching the men work. Dressed in an Oriental wrap-style dress, Li Yuchun was lovely enough to prove a distraction to the stevedores who were hurrying to finish their tasks. Li was a...

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