Detonation Event
Detonation Event

ISBN: 9781635730685
Year of publication: 2019
Sequence of author: Mars wars(№1)

Detonation Event

John Andrew Karr

Science fiction

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John Andrew Karr MARS WARS DETONATION EVENT For my wife, Colleen, who has provided decades of moral support for my writing, from paper to laptop, lows to highs. Prologue 2228 AD The moderator, host of a gossip show that surpassed all news programs in ratings, squared his million-dollar face to the camera and smiled as he reminded himself the life insurance policy would actually pay out twenty million, regardless of manner of death. He hated to leave his cats, but they would be well cared for. He felt no such regret for the studio security team—stroked by scantily clad assistants, pictured and autographed—who would lose their jobs upon review of footage showing him artfully skirting the bomb detectors. …if they survived. He winked at one of them, just off camera. “Now I don’t know a bit from a byte unless it has teeth,” he said from the crystal lectern at center stage. “But I’m told the first assignment of an information...

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