The Banshee Murders
The Banshee Murders

Year of publication: 1936
Sequence of author: Shadow(№1)

The Banshee Murders

Maxwell Grant

Science fiction

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The Banshee Murders by Maxwell Grant CHAPTER I ALL was pitch-black in the seance room. That blackness was weird, like an invisible jelly that held all present in gluey imprisonment. Only the moans of Madame Mathilda filtered through that gloom. Madame Mathilda was the medium and when she moaned, it meant that a materialization was likely to occur. Hence the sitters in the seance room were tense, with one exception. Lamont Cranston was unperturbed. Cranston liked darkness - the blacker the better. When blackness became absolute, it saved him the inconvenience of wearing the black cloak and slouch hat that ordinarily enabled him to blend with dusk or gloom. Which, in two words, meant that Lamont Cranston was none other than The Shadow. Now Madame Mathilda was moaning louder, with accompanying tremolos that produced a ventriloquial effect in the darkness. Gasps sounded here and there among the sitters; they thought they were hearing spirit voices. Space, direction, sense of...

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