One Way
One Way

ISBN: 9780316522182
Year of publication: 2018
Sequence of author: Frank kitteridge(№1)

One Way

S J Morden

Science fiction, Thriller

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S. J. Morden ONE WAY In grateful memory of Dr David W Collinson (1927–2007) 1 [Internal memo: Gerardo Avila, Panopticon, to Data Resources, Panopticon, 10/2/2046] We are seeking inmates who fit the following profile: • serving either an indeterminate life sentence(s) or a fixed-term sentence(s) that extend beyond the inmate’s natural life-span. • has had a prolonged period (5 years +) of no contact with anyone on the outside: this includes, but is not exclusive to, family, friends, previous employers and/or employees, lawyers, journalists and authors, advocacy groups, external law enforcement, FBI, CIA, other federal organizations including immigration services. • has professional qualifications, previous employment, or transferable skills in one of the following areas: transportation, construction (all trades), computer science/information technology, applied...

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