No Way
No Way

ISBN: 9780316522212
Year of publication: 2019
Sequence of author: Frank kitteridge(№1)

No Way

S J Morden

Science fiction, Thriller

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S. J. Morden ONE WAY In grateful memory of Professor Colin Pillinger (1943–2014) 1 [Internal memo: Mars Base One Mission Control to Bruno Tiller 11/10/2048 (transcribed from paper-only copy)] We have been unable to contact MBO for twenty-four [24] hours. MBO appears undamaged. The hi-gain antenna appears undamaged, but the carrier signal is absent. The DV [Descent Vehicle] is also undamaged, and does emit a carrier wave. We have attempted to contact MBO routing through the DV, but the link is non-responsive. There is one [1] body, in an EVA suit, visible nine [9] feet west of one of the surface transports. There is no sign of additional activity visible to our orbital cameras. At this stage, we can neither confirm nor deny whether the XO asset within MBO is still active. [transcript ends] It was mid-morning. The early frost had burned off, and the sky was its usual shade of hazy pink. Frank was outside, dragging...

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