Down Station
Down Station

ISBN: 9781473211452
Year of publication: 2016
Sequence of author: Down(№1)

Down Station

Simon Morden

Fantasy, Adventure

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Simon Morden DOWN STATION For G, who hates this sort of thing If you want a map, you must draw it yourself and keep it secret. 1 Mary looked at the watches in the window with an emotion that swung like a metronome between wonder and envy. They were beautiful, glittering bright with polished metal and inset jewels, and they were so very expensive. They shone like the sun, and they belonged on her skinny wrist. The work that had gone into just that one with the silver-steel bevel and the three separate dials must have been incredible, and no matter how many hours she worked, however hard she saved, she’d never be able to afford it in her lifetime. The price tag was almost incomprehensibly high, as if whoever had written it out in fine, precise figures, had daydreamed away and added too many zeros. It had to be a joke; an obscene joke, even, aimed right at her. She wasn’t laughing. A hand came out from behind the display to snag the...

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