Dangerous People
Dangerous People

ISBN: 9781598536058
Year of publication: 2019

Dangerous People

Ursula K Le Guin

Science fiction, Story

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Ursula K. Le Guin DANGEROUS PEOPLE Brian Attebery, editor DANGEROUS PEOPLE By Arravna Chapter One NOBODY KNOWS WHY the house named Hardcinder stands by itself on a rise of slaggy basalt, inside the curve of the other houses of that arm of the town.[1] Maybe at some time they enlarged the common place of Telina[2] but left the old house standing the way it does, sticking out into the common; or maybe some hard-headed people built the house there on the common because they wanted a foundation of rock. Nobody knows now. What happened a long time ago, or even not long ago at all, even what happens now, is a matter of memories and inventions and mostly has to be taken on somebody’s word. So I give you my word:[3] a good many years ago[4] a family[5] was living upstairs in Hardcinder House, in the five southeast rooms with the deep balcony that goes around the corner of the house. The railing of the balcony is carved with grape...