The Complete Short Stories of Saki
The Complete Short Stories of Saki

ISBN: 9781473546356
Year of publication: 2016

The Complete Short Stories of Saki


Classical prose

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Saki THE COMPLETE SHORT STORIES REGINALD Reginald I did it◦– I should have known better. I persuaded Reginald to go to the McKillops’ garden-party against his will. We all make mistakes occasionally. ‘They know you’re here, and they’ll think it so funny if you don’t go. And I want particularly to be in with Mrs McKillop just now.’ ‘I know, you want one of her smoke Persian kittens as a prospective wife for Wumples◦– or a husband, is it?’ (Reginald has a magnificent scorn for details, other than sartorial.) ‘And I am expected to undergo social martyrdom to suit the connubial exigencies–’ ‘Reginald, it’s nothing of the kind, only I’m sure Mrs McKillop would be pleased if I brought you. Young men of your brilliant attractions are rather at a premium at her garden-parties.’ ‘Should be at a premium in heaven,’ remarked Reginald complacently. ‘There will be very few of you there, if that is what you mean. But...