The Lowest Heaven
The Lowest Heaven

ISBN: 9780957169692
Year of publication: 2013

The Lowest Heaven

Alastair Reynolds
Kaaron Warren
Kameron Hurley
E J Swift
Adam Roberts
Sophia McDougall

Science fiction

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THE LOWEST HEAVEN EDITORS Anne C. Perry & Jared Shurin IMAGES National Maritime Museum COVER Joey Hi-Fi To curiosity (big and little c) INTRODUCTION It should come as no surprise that the relationship between astronomy and science fiction has always been a close one. After all, even in the Space Age, the nearest most of us will get to experiencing the wonders of deep space for ourselves is through the medium of books, films and television (and perhaps, if we’re lucky, virtual reality too). Modern astronomy is characterised by vast distances and immense spans of time which challenge the imagination of even the most hardened cosmologist. Douglas Adams perhaps came closest to a concise description of the true scale of the Universe when he wrote “Space is big”, but such enormous numbers are almost impossible to grasp in any meaningful way beyond the purely mathematical. However, science fiction can give us a way to make at least...