Bunker 10
Bunker 10

ISBN: 9780992856175
Year of publication: 2019
Sequence of author: Dark scotland(№1)

Bunker 10

J A Henderson

Science fiction, Young-adult fiction

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J A Henderson BUNKER 10 For Willie Schmidt What if you went back in time and killed your grandmother before she gave birth to your mother? The problem is obvious: if you kill your grandmother then your mother would never have been born, and you would never have been born; if you were never born, you could never go back in time, and so you could not kill your grandmother. This conundrum, known as the Grandmother Paradox, is often thought sufficiently potent to rule out time travel to the past Physicist J Richard Gott 19.59 The Christmas tree was taller than a military cadet and just as green. It had been decorated with old fashioned wooden ornaments, wrapped in thick tinsel strands and dotted with real candles in silver holders. Seven teenagers sat on the dormitory floor in a ring, ignoring the thin line of smoke seeping under the door. Simon and May-Rose pulled crackers. Barn, Cruikshank and Diddy Dave swapped presents. Leslie and...