Hands in the Dark
Hands in the Dark

Year of publication: 1932
Sequence of author: The shadow(№1)
Keywords: Hard-Boiled Pulp Fiction

Hands in the Dark

Maxwell Grant

Hard detective

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Maxwell Grant Hands in the Dark CHAPTER I The strange characters of the cryptic message were a blood red hue. They were vivid and mysterious beneath the oval light of the desk lamp. “A dead man’s message!” Reynold Barker looked about him as he spoke. The silence of his gloomy surroundings worried him. His fingers trembled. The paper crinkled. Even that slight sound was startling. The dark-paneled walls of the room were oppressive to Reynold Barker. He felt that he was in their grip; that he could never leave them. He was in Theodore Galvin’s study — the spot that had been his goal for seven days. He had found the paper in the secret drawer of the desk — the exact place where Galvin had told him it would be. But the silence of this sullen chamber was maddening. It brought back recollections of those dying eyes — Galvin’s eyes. Barker steadied his nerves with mighty effort. He tried to laugh. It was excitement, he told himself. Shakiness...