Alien Space Tentacle Porn
Alien Space Tentacle Porn

Year of publication: 2015

Alien Space Tentacle Porn

Peter Cawdron

Science fiction, Story

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Peter Cawdron ALIEN SPACE TENTACLE PORN Chapter 01: Tentacles Damn, it feels as though someone’s jabbed an ice pick behind my right eye. Slowly, my eyes flicker open. I’m in a hospital. The walls are an indifferent shade of green. There are bars on the windows and a bathroom to one side. Worn linoleum curls up from the floor, making a backsplash reaching almost a foot in height. I feel naked, even though I’m dressed in a thin cotton hospital gown. The bed I’m on smells old and musty. My feet rest on a scratchy wool blanket lying at the foot of the bed. The heavily bleached cotton sheets make me itchy. This shithole looks like something out of a 1950’s B-Grade movie. A nurse says, “Try not to move,” doing nothing to dispel the notion that I’ve been sucked into a time warp. Her blond hair has been meticulously clipped back with bobby pins and pulled behind a dainty half-cap that looks as though it was made from folded paper. Her cap has the...