The Girl with the Scarab Necklace
The Girl with the Scarab Necklace

ISBN: 9781370902033
Year of publication: 2014
Keywords: Doctor Who jedi Sherlock Holmes Star Wars time travel whovian

The Girl with the Scarab Necklace

Tyro Vogel

Science fiction, Fanfic

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Tyro Vogel THE GIRL WITH THE SCARAB NECKLACE Who is Mr. Sherlock Holmes? In the year 1903 I was honorably discharged from the army, and Uncle Sam sent me back home to rub shoulders with all the other out-of-work boys roaming the streets. I got lucky: a buddy of mine got me a job at the port. Night shifts. Mine was a sad lot: night after night of back-breaking work, only to give half of my $1.50 a week pay for a room uglier than the rats I’d shared it with. The rest of the money I’d wisely spent on whiskey. One particularly cold November morning I was keeping myself warm with a glass of Jack Daniels when I’d decided my job could burn in hell. I put the glass down and reached out across the self-made table for yesterday’s copy of the Chicago Daily News. It made sense to start with the job ads section. The first ad to catch my eye was printed in the corner of the page. It read, Needed: Personal Assistant Must have basic military training,...