The Official Report on Human Activity
The Official Report on Human Activity

ISBN: 9780814345207
Year of publication: 2019
Sequence of publisher: Michigan writers series
Keywords: Short Stories (single Author)

The Official Report on Human Activity

kim D Hunter

Modern Prose

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THE OFFICIAL REPORT ON HUMAN ACTIVITY Stories by kim d. hunter The Official Report on Human Activity or Long for an Elephant An Essay 1. Ipso in the Elephant When Ipso gave birth to what most agreed was an elephant, there were those who tried to act as though it was normal. Well, yes, he was a man, they said, and no one had known he was pregnant, but it was, after all, a small elephant. Prior to the birth, he had been eating strangely and spending an inordinate amount of time alone. But none around him had taken these things as signs that anything unusual was about to occur because he had said that he was a writer, or that he wanted to be a writer. He had trouble deciding which of these things to tell people, because writing happens so much in the mind that he thought it would be difficult to know when or if he had crossed the threshold. First, he would have to find something to write about. He could write about the factory where he worked...