The Ghosts of Christmas
The Ghosts of Christmas

ISBN: 9781466835290
Year of publication: 2012
Sequence of publisher: A original

The Ghosts of Christmas

Paul Cornell

Science fiction, Story

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Paul Cornell THE GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS It was because of a row. The row was about nothing. So it all came from nothing. Or, perhaps it’s more accurate to say it came from the interaction between two people. I remember how Ben’s voice suddenly became gentle and he said, as if decanting the whole unconscious reason for the row: ‘Why don’t we try for a baby?’ This was mid-March. My memory of that moment is of hearing birds outside. I always loved that time of year, that sense of nature becoming stronger all around. But I always owned the decisions I made, I didn’t blame them on what was around me, or on my hormones. I am what’s around me, I am my hormones, that’s what I always said to myself. I don’t know if Ben ever felt the same way. That’s how I think of him now: always excusing himself. I don’t know how that squares with how the world is now. Perhaps it suits him down to the ground. I’m sure I spent years looking out for him excusing himself. I’m sure...