Nine Last Days on Planet Earth
Nine Last Days on Planet Earth

ISBN: 9781250209450
Year of publication: 2018
Sequence of publisher: A original

Nine Last Days on Planet Earth

Daryl Gregory

Science fiction, Story

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Daryl Gregory NINE LAST DAYS ON PLANET EARTH 1975 On the first night of the meteor storm, his mother came to wake him up, but LT was only pretending to sleep. He’d been lying in the dark waiting for the end of the world. You have to see this, she said. He didn’t want to leave the bed but she was an intense woman who could beam energy into him with a look. She took his hand and led him between the stacks of moving boxes, then across the backyard and through the cattle gate to the field, where the view was unimpeded by trees. Meteors, dozens of meteors, scored the sky. She spread a blanket across the tall grass, and they sat back on their elbows. LT was ten years old, and he’d only seen one falling star in his life. Not even his mother had seen this many at once, she said. Dozens visible at one time, zooming in from the east, striking the atmosphere like matches, white and orange and butane blue. The show went on, hundreds a minute for ten minutes,...