Black Square
Black Square

ISBN: 9780393247978
Year of publication: 2016
Keywords: 21st Century Europe Geopolitics Russia Social History Travel

Black Square

Sophie Pinkham

Travel and Geography, History, Politics, Publicism

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Sophie Pinkham BLACK SQUARE ADVENTURES IN POST-SOVIET UKRAINE For my friends in Ukraine and Russia, with love and gratitude. MAPS PREFACE I was seven years old when the Berlin Wall fell. Watching the news with my parents in New York, I wondered how a simple concrete barrier could be so important. Why hadn’t people just climbed over it? Newscasters discussed the “Iron Curtain,” which sounded scary, but also confusing. Didn’t curtains, by definition, ripple and fold? I was sixteen when NATO bombed Yugoslavia during the Kosovo War. I assumed that Clinton had good reasons for intervening. Despite his sexual indiscretions, our president seemed like a kindly, paternal figure. At school I knew a nice Serbian boy who wrote poetry; he and his brother got into fights with the Albanian kids on the basketball court, but I couldn’t quite understand why. Anyway, we were teenagers; we had better things to think...