We Come in Peace
We Come in Peace

ISBN: 9781493740567
Year of publication: 2013

We Come in Peace

Lillian Francken

Science fiction, Young-adult fiction

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Lillian Francken WE COME IN PEACE Dedicated to Mr. Pitt, wherever you are. CHAPTER 1 The universe, with its infinite mass of solar systems consisting of galaxies filled with stars, clusters, and bright and dark nebulosities in its enormity, is in reality only a lonely, dark abyss. As you scan the far reaches of its vastness, the Milky Way comes into view. With its speckled sphere of planets, moons, asteroids, and stars rotating around a bright G2V star against a hazy dark-blue background, it is a remarkable sight to behold for any space traveler. In the distance, a meteor streak across the far-off distant edge of this solar system like lines in the darkness and then quickly disappears as fast as they once appeared. Along the edge of one of these nebulas lurked a black hole in clouds of obscure gassy masses, as a spiral disk appearing only as a speck in the distance, flies closer to the dark black hole that lurks still undetected. Suddenly,...