Walking to Aldebaran
Walking to Aldebaran

ISBN: 9781786181961
Year of publication: 2019

Walking to Aldebaran

Adrian Tchaikovsky

Science fiction

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Adrian Tchaikovsky WALKING TO ALDEBARAN CHAPTER ONE TODAY I FOUND something I could eat and something I could burn to keep back the darkness. That makes today a good day. I don’t know what it was or where it came from. Like me, it had been wandering the passageways of this crypt for who knows how long – and how long has it been, anyone? No day and no night and I’ve nothing left with power to tell the time, and so my life becomes one long greyness, punctuated by increasingly erratic periods of sleep. I don’t need to sleep like I used to. Or I need to sleep in some other way, maybe some way that I can’t achieve. Every waking is building up a sleep-debt inside me that my poor human physiology can’t satisfy. Maybe when I change my mind completely I’ll be back in balance. For now: anxiety, tremors, mania, paranoia, hyperventilation. Or sometimes no ventilation. That’s probably worse, but then the air in here is so variable. Seriously, you...