Double Z
Double Z

Year of publication: 1932
Sequence of author: The shadow(№1)
Keywords: Hard-Boiled Pulp Fiction

Double Z

Maxwell Grant

Hard detective

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Maxwell Grant Double Z CHAPTER I. THE HUNTED MAN THE hand that held the key trembled. At last it found the lock. The key turned. A tall man stepped into the dim hallway, and closed the door behind him. A slight sigh came from his lips — lips thin and parched, that showed above the heavy muffler which covered the man’s neck, even to his chin. Slowly, the man moved along the hallway. He turned suspiciously as he reached the stairs, glancing back at the door. The glass transom above it worried him. He thought of the dark vestibule, which obtained its only rays of light through that very transom. He remembered the nervousness that had gripped him while he had fumbled with the key. He listened, as though he expected some one else to unlock the door. Now the man laughed nervously. He started up the stairs, his fears banished. His tall, stoop-shouldered figure seemed to stalk upward like a mechanical dummy. At the landing, halfway to the second...