The Second Angel
The Second Angel

ISBN: 9780752814438
Year of publication: 1998

The Second Angel

Philip Kerr

Science fiction

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Philip Kerr The Second Angel And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man. Revelation 16:3 Prologue I It was another bright, cold day on the Moon and the atomic clocks were flashing three hundred. Three hundred and twenty-four hours is the length of a lunar-equatorial day, which means that one day on the Moon is worth two full weeks on Earth. Few if any of the people working in Artemis Seven, a penal cave-mining colony, would have agreed with this value. For time passes slowly in a penal colony, especially a hard-labor facility operating in the constant, artificial light of an airtight underground lunar cavern at minus twenty degrees Celsius. The penal colony was in a cavern under the overhanging lip of a large crater in the Moon’s Carpathian foothills. Ten miles long, two to three hundred yards wide, and almost as high, it held more than three thousand men and women,...