Matlocks System
Matlock's System

ISBN: 9781504057936
Year of publication: 2019
Keywords: dystopia

Matlock's System

Reginald Hill

Detective science fiction, Thriller

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Reginald Hill MATLOCK’S SYSTEM FOR BRIAN AND MARGARET I’ve travelled the world twice over, Met the famous: saints and sinners, Poets and artists, kings and queens, Old stars and hopeful beginners, I’ve been where no-one’s been before, Learned secrets from writers and cooks All with one library ticket To the wonderful world of books. © Janice James. The wisdom of the ages Is there for you and me, The wisdom of the ages, In your local library. There’s large print books And talking books, For those who cannot see, The wisdom of the ages, It’s fantastic, and it’s free. Written by Sam Wood, aged 92 Introduction Nowadays hardly a news broadcast passes with a lead item about the Economy. A quarter of a century ago, to the non-political and non-politically correct economy was something practised by...