Year of publication: 2019
Keywords: dystopia


Erik A Otto

Science fiction

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Erik A. Otto DETONATION For you. And then, maybe, for the rest of us. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Many have propelled me. Many others have kept my keel straight. On this journey I am particularly indebted to my wife, Sarah, my father, Herb, and my editor, Tom. A special mention to Lee Reedy for his generous guidance on all things publishing, and to Galin Boyd and Art Snow for turning the ship on design considerations. My deepest gratitude. PROLOGUE Axel’s black SUV pulled up in front of the airport hangar. A stencil on the front of the hangar read Albatross Airlines. The name wasn’t familiar to him. It must be another shell corporation Nelly had set up. He glanced in the rearview mirror. New crease lines besieged his eyes, defying his neatly cut hair and clean-shaven face. Yes, he was getting older, but this was something else. The lines were the imprint of months of worry and uncertainty. He exited the car and opened the...