The Forge: Fire and Ice
The Forge: Fire and Ice

ISBN: 9781912053025
Year of publication: 2019

The Forge: Fire and Ice

Danuta Reah
Simon Fisher-Becker
Dan Staniforth
JX Plant
R L Kerrigan
Tim Gayda
Katie Lewis
Emily Wootton
Ed Newbould
Helen Parker
Alan Paine
John Hoggard
Kitty Waldron
C M Angus
Stuart Aken
Louisa Morillo
Robin Bilton
Pierre é
Rachel Lovat
Joseph Wheeldon
Jonathan Edwards
Sue Hoffmann
Mira Callahan
Lynn McInroy
Dominic Bell
Boris Glikman
Ann Bupryn

Science fiction

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THE FORGE FIRE AND ICE To you, dear reader, for choosing this collection. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS As well as offering heartfelt thanks to Simon Fisher-Becker for his foreword and to the authors and the invited entries for adding their voices to this anthology, there are a group of folks who rarely get the thanks they deserve when creating a publication like this. With this in mind we would like to thank; our typesetter Elaine for doing such a wonderful job with the layout, our cover designer Ramon for his beautiful, unique artwork that really captures the spirit of this collection, our tireless editor who spent many hours over many weeks working with each of the authors to finely hone their tales, our author liason Anne-Marie for handling what must have been a hurricane of communications during the editorial process and finally the army of fans who continue to buy, read, review and share news about our charity anthologies, we couldn’t do what we do...