The Shipshape Miracle : And Other Stories
The Shipshape Miracle : And Other Stories

Year of publication: 2017
Sequence of author: The complete short fiction of clifford d. simak(№1)

The Shipshape Miracle : And Other Stories

Clifford D Simak

Science fiction

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The Shipshape Miracle And Other Stories The Complete Short Fiction of Clifford D. Simak, Volume Ten Introduction by David W. Wixon INTRODUCTION Little Things: The Way Clifford D. Simak Wrote “The desk was scarred and battered, unlike the man himself. It was almost as if the desk, in the course of years, might have intervened itself to take the blows aimed at the man behind it.” —Clifford D. Simak, in “Worlds Without End” In 1976, when Clifford D. Simak was in the process of retiring from his long career with the Minneapolis Star/Tribune, he told an interviewer that he had “always wanted to be a newspaperman, but realized my creative urges could not be satisfied by writing news.” The result was that Cliff had two careers—careers that ran in tandem for more than forty years, causing Robert A. Heinlein to marvel, knowing—as he said—that the two types of writing required were vastly different. Among other things, this...