Dusty Zebra : And Other Stories
Dusty Zebra : And Other Stories

Year of publication: 2017
Sequence of author: The complete short fiction of clifford d. simak(№1)

Dusty Zebra : And Other Stories

Clifford D Simak

Science fiction

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Dusty Zebra And Other Stories The Complete Short Fiction of Clifford D. Simak, Volume Eleven Introduction by David W. Wixon Introduction Clifford D. Simak: Opinions of a Reticent Author by David W. Wixon “Destiny, the way you made your life, the way you shaped your living…the way it was meant to be, that way that it would be if you listened to the still, small voice that talked to you at the many turning points and crossroads.” —Clifford D. Simak, in Time and Again Clifford D. Simak fell in love with science fiction when he was very young—and when the field itself was very young. Science fiction magazines were a new thing, and they were desperate for material. It did not take a great deal of ability to become a science fiction writer in those days, Cliff would later say—there just was very little competition. That would change quickly, of course, as the new writers learned their craft by doing. That early science...