The Big Front Yard and Other Stories
The Big Front Yard and Other Stories

Year of publication: 2015
Sequence of author: The complete short fiction of clifford d. simak(№1)

The Big Front Yard and Other Stories

Clifford D Simak

Science fiction

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The Big Front Yard And Other Stories The Complete Short Fiction of Clifford D. Simak, Volume Two Introduction by David W. Wixon INTRODUCTION CLIFFORD D. SIMAK: LEARNING ALL THE WORDS “I’m looking for an alien, too. All of us, I think, are looking for your alien.” —Clifford D. Simak, in “So Bright the Vision” Clifford Donald Simak was born on August 3, 1904, on a ridge-top farm a few miles from the village of Millville in Grant County, Wisconsin – a farm that belonged to his mother’s parents. Cliff’s grandfather, Edward “Ned” Wiseman, had been a member of the Second Wisconsin Volunteer Cavalry during the Civil War, taking part in the battles at Vicksburg and Gettysburg, and Cliff eventually became the proud possessor of Ned’s cavalry saber. Cliff’s grandmother, Ellen Wiseman (née Parker), seems to have had a special place in Cliff’s heart, to judge by his clear use of her as his model for Ellen Forbes in “Over the River...