New Folks Home : And Other Stories
New Folks' Home : And Other Stories

Year of publication: 2016
Sequence of author: The complete short fiction of clifford d. simak(№1)

New Folks' Home : And Other Stories

Clifford D Simak

Science fiction

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New Folks’ Home And Other Stories The Complete Short Fiction of Clifford D. Simak, Volume Six Introduction by David W. Wixon Introduction The Names in Simak “The night was as black as a stack of cats.” —Clifford D. Simak in “A Death in the House” Those who have read more than the occasional piece of Clifford D. Simak’s fiction—and done so with some attention—may have noticed two things about the names of his characters. One is that Cliff repeats names, or portions of names, and uses them over and over despite any relationship among them. Characters in several stories (including “How-2” and “Eternity Lost,” for instance) are named Anson Lee, and he uses Anson as a first name in his novel Why Call Them Back from Heaven? I have found nothing in Cliff’s past life to indicate that the name was based on someone he might have known. Nor is that true with regard to the name Horton, which appears in at least four of Cliff’s...