The Last Centurion
The Last Centurion

ISBN: 1416555536
Year of publication: 2008
Keywords: Military Science Fiction

The Last Centurion

John Ringo

Military science fiction, Science fiction

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THE LAST CENTURION John Ringo To everyone who has ever felt they were looking out over Hadrian's Wall while Rome crumbled behind them. BOOK ONE IN A TIME OF SUCKAGE  Chapter One Days of Wine and Song Call me Bandit. Okay, hopefully that's, like, the last time I'm going to make a literary reference. But you never know. Beware . . . bewaaare . . . There's a bunch of these stories out there now that people are getting back on the Net. I figured, what the hell? I've got one, too. Sure, we all do. But, you know, what the hell? People started calling it the Hell Times after some pundit was spouting about it on TV. I mean, The Great Depression was taken and they didn't have the Plague or the Freeze thrown on top. I know, it wasn't a plague and all you nitnoids are going to point out that it was some fucking flu virus and plague is bacterial infection and . . . Yeah. I know. Thank you. We ALL fucking...