Year of publication: 2011
Sequence of author: Vorkosigan saga(№1)


Lois McMaster Bujold

Science fiction

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Weatherman Lois McMaster Bujold A Miles Vorkosigan Novella Author's Note “Weatherman”, a Miles Vorkosigan novella, first saw print in the February 1990 issue of Analog Science Fiction Magazine. It went on from that appearance, the following year, to garner a nomination for the Hugo Award in the novella category, but I withdrew it from the list of final nominees in favor of my novel The Vor Game (first printing September 1990 from Baen Books), from which it was an out-take. Prolific authors may in a fortunate year have different works up for award nominations in several categories; it seemed to me to be double-dipping, however, to have what was in large measure the same work up in two different categories. I was later glad for that coin-toss, because The Vor Game won my first Hugo Award for Best Novel, at ChiCon V, the 1991 Chicago World Science Fiction Convention. The Vor Game was not a simple extension of the novella; the story of how...