Articulated Restraint
Articulated Restraint

ISBN: 9781250241306
Year of publication: 2019
Sequence of publisher: A original
Sequence of author: Lady astronaut(№1)

Articulated Restraint

Mary Robinette Kowal

Science fiction, Story

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Mary Robinette Kowal ARTICULATED RESTRAINT MOON COLONY EXPANDS TO 100 COLONISTS Sep. 26, 1960 (AP) — The International Aerospace Coalition announced today that the lunar colony, established last year, is ready to expand to hold 100 colonists. This is the next step in preparing to colonize Mars, although many still question the necessity of such an endeavor… Six thirty in the morning was a brutal time to start work even without a sprained ankle. Ruby Donaldson tried to tell herself that being sore and exhausted was good practice as an astronaut. Limping up to the third floor of the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, she gave thanks that no one else was in the stairwell so she could lean against the metal rail. It was hard enough balancing work and life without people questioning her choices. All she wanted was to do the NBL training run and then collapse in bed, but somehow she’d agreed to another lindy-hop dance rehearsal tonight. It was just hard to...