ISBN: 9781542092067
Year of publication: 2019
Sequence of publisher: Forward collection


Veronica Roth

Science fiction, Story

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Veronica Roth ARK Two Months Left Samantha’s hands were still red from the cold, the skin over her knuckles taut and dry. She had gone that morning to bring supplies to the Naomi, a small fishing vessel off the coast that she had bought with the last of her money, before money lost all meaning. She had learned the knot to moor the boat months before she got it. A bowline knot, which started with a loop in the rope, the end snaking up and down and through. The world’s most useful knot, the website had said. The internet had disappeared a few weeks later, just before the evacuation. In the Bible story, Noah had built a boat to survive the flood, to endure. The Naomi would not survive anything. That was not her purpose. Samantha sat down at her station and breathed warm air on her knuckles. “I,” Dan said, sitting back from the computer screen, “would really like a smoke.” Samantha was in the middle of a tissue ID. She stared through the...