ISBN: 9781542044257
Year of publication: 2019
Sequence of publisher: Forward collection


Andy Weir

Science fiction, Story

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Andy Weir RANDOMIZE Edwin Rutledge looked out his windows to the sprawling Las Vegas Strip beyond. His office atop the Babylon Hotel and Casino was the definition of opulence. Italian leather couches surrounded a tasteful glass coffee table. Guests had no idea they were sitting in seats worth more than a typical car. But in a city of extreme displays, silent quality appealed to Rutledge more than a neon sign saying I’M IMPORTANT. Still, some demonstration of status was needed. Mahogany bookshelves and curio cabinets stood on fine Persian rugs. His antique walnut desk backed up against a stunning view of the cityscape. “Sir,” came his secretary’s voice through the intercom. “The IT person is here.” He adjusted his diamond cuff links and pressed the intercom button. “Send them in.” The double doors opened, and an uncomfortable-looking man shuffled in. He looked more like a customer of the casino than an employee. Ill-fitting jeans, a T-shirt with...