Supernova Era
Supernova Era

ISBN: 9781250306036
Year of publication: 2019

Supernova Era

Cixin Liu

Joel Martinsen

Science fiction

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Cixin Liu SUPERNOVA ERA For my daughter, Liu Jing. May she live in a world of fun. CAST OF CHARACTERS ADULTS Zheng Chen, homeroom teacher for a graduating middle-school class Zhang Lin, agent with the Central Extraordinary Commission The president of China The premier of China CHINESE CHILDREN Huahua, a handsome, charismatic boy Specs, an introverted boy with a keen mind Xiaomeng, a quiet, respected girl mature beyond her years The preceding three make up the central leadership General Lü Gang, chief of general staff of the People’s Liberation Army Du Bin, ambassador to the United States Lieutenant Wang Ran, tank driver Second Lieutenant Wei Ming, armored infantry Air Force Major Jin Yunhui, J-10 fighter pilot Yao Rui, power station engineer Feng Jing, Yao Pingping, nursery staff Li Zhiping, letter carrier Chang Huidong, barber Zhang Xiaole, cook OTHER CHILDREN Secretary...