Year of publication: 1953


Evan Hunter

Science fiction

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Evan Hunter Robert The salesman was a most presentable young man, with a grey tweed suit, and a neat brown mustache. Eddie listened to what he said, and he glanced occasionally at Mary to see if she shared interest. “You’ve got to understand,” the salesman was saying, “that you aren’t the first childless couple to make use of our service. As a matter of fact, I could name people in your own neighborhood who have done just what you’re about to do and are—” “We didn’t say we were going to do it,” Eddie reminded him. “Of course, Mr. Stevens, I understand that. I think, however, and you’ll forgive my frankness, you would be foolish not to do it.” Mary nodded in agreement, her brows puckered together. “You said we could choose the color of hair and eyes, is that right?” “Exactly,” the salesman smiled ingratiatingly. “A nice combination, considering your own coloring, would be blond hair and brown eyes. That’s entirely up to you, of course.” “And...