The Berlin Paradox
The Berlin Paradox

ISBN: 9781096068587
Year of publication: 2019

The Berlin Paradox

Alain Xalabarde

Science fiction

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Alain Xalabarde THE BERLIN PARADOX CHRONICLES OF A SOVIET TIME TRAVELER To my wife; she who made me believe in meaning again. INTRODUCTION Living in Berlin is like getting a hug from a hermit who hasn’t showered in months. It’s not very pleasant, but you know she has a good heart. Berlin is a tough city, and it doesn’t treat its people with grace. But that’s just the way the city was raised. It had a hard life. It knows nothing else. I’ve been no exception. Berlin hasn’t been easy on me, but I was already a lost cause. I fell madly in love with it as soon as I laid eyes on her for the first time. Like people, cities build strong personalities through suffering, and Berlin has a mesmerizing personality, if you have the stamina to discover it. It was during my first winter in the city that I decided to create a game that would take players on a journey of the 20th century’s history through the eyes of its capital. After many...