The New Hugo Winners - Volume IV
The New Hugo Winners - Volume IV

ISBN: 0671878522
Year of publication: 1997

The New Hugo Winners - Volume IV

Gregory Benford

Science fiction

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The New Hugo Winners - Volume IV ISBN: 0-671-87852-2 Cover art by Bob Eggleton First printing, November 1997 1992 50th Convention Orlando A Walk In The Sun by Geoffrey A. Landis Hard science fiction proceeds from a fidelity to both the facts and attitudes of science, into the murkier landscape of the human soul. In this crisply constructed story, Landis hedges his hero in with inescapable constraints, then demands that solution come from facing the hard facts of the airless moon. His way out demands an extreme of endurance and cleverness, but all along the game is played fairly—no miracles pop out of hats. Geoff Landis is uniquely qualified to play this exacting game, for he is a trained physicist working for NASA. His career is built on solidly made short stories, making him a member of a small band, perhaps no more than thirty, who make up the hard sf community. I have sat in convention...