The City in the Middle of the Night
The City in the Middle of the Night

ISBN: 9780765379962
Year of publication: 2019

The City in the Middle of the Night

Charlie Jane Anders

Science fiction

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Charlie Jane Anders THE CITY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT For my mom, who taught me about colonialism, and my dad, who taught me about human nature TRANSLATOR’S NOTE This manuscript has been translated from the original Xiosphanti and Argelan into Peak English, which as Jthkyklakno points out [ref. 2327.288] has become “the language which everyone reads, but nobody speaks,” across several worlds and spacenodes. This exercise entailed a number of challenges, particularly with the “Mouth” sections, but given the amount of interest in these documents (and indeed, misinformation regarding their contents) a serious attempt at a clean translation appeared necessary. Despite all of the apparent fabulations and liberties taken in both of these narratives, they remain the closest thing we have to primary sources regarding the origins of this emergent new form of human sentience. Detractors such as Linghathy have argued for a mythocratic...