So Long Earth
So Long Earth

ISBN: 9780578592015
Year of publication: 2020

So Long Earth

Michael Bienenstock

Science fiction

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Michael Bienenstock SO LONG EARTH This book is dedicated to my better half, Debra Katz, and my hero Samuel Bienenstock I would also like to acknowledge all the hard work of my copy editor Maria Lewytzkyj-Milligan. I would also like to applaud all the people in the world who are trying to save the planet, clean up the environment and save humanity from destruction. Prologue Denver, CO, September 2017 Dr. Thomas Burns could not believe what he was hearing. He was sitting in a restaurant with his eight-year-old son Sam after attending a baseball game. The Colorado Rockies had just defeated the New York Mets by a score of eight to six. They were discussing the various players on the team. That was until the president started talking. Listening intently to every word President Trump said on CNN, the environmental scientist shook his head several times. He’s appealing to every gawker of developers and brand-loving radicals rolling...