Earthrise 2036
Earthrise 2036

ISBN: 9780994695277
Year of publication: 2020

Earthrise 2036

Michael J Lee

Science fiction

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Michael J Lee EARTHRISE 2036 Arise, Earth, before the Dark Force returns. I ONE MILLION YEARS AGO CHAPTER ONE THE PLANET WAS POISED in space. Long ages ago, its landmass of Pangaea had broken up. Beast and early man were still on the move, searching for fresh green matter to eat, as glaciers melted in one time, or sea levels fell in other eras to create bridges to new lands. And out on the southern grasslands there was only one law: don’t get overtaken by anyone. In this time of seismic change, when the ape-boy Ayak was soon to become a man, the land was like an arena in which species of all kinds were competing to see who could survive. It was when life and death, success and failure, lived side by side. Whatever nature gave, it could just as easily take away. The gift above all others was the breath of life. It was worth fighting for just to feel your heart still beating inside you. And in the race for existence...