Dome Six
Dome Six

Year of publication: 2020
Sequence of author: Cytocorp saga(№1)
Keywords: dystopian

Dome Six

C P James

Science fiction

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C.P. James DOME SIX BOOK 1 OF THE CYTOCORP SAGA For all who labor in anonymity. FOREWORD Two particular scientific developments that come to bear on this series: antibiotic resistance and 3D bioprinting. If you’re already familiar with these, keep trucking. If not, I thought you might appreciate a quick primer in layman’s terms. Antibiotic Resistance Penicillin wasn’t technically the first antibiotic. Advanced civilizations have used plants or molds with antibiotic properties for thousands of years, and it was a German doctor named Paul Ehrlich who discovered arsphenamine, the first modern antibiotic, as a treatment for syphilis. He was awarded the Nobel prize in 1908, and it’s interesting to note that he coined the phrase “chemotherapy” in reference to this treatment. Of course, Alexander Fleming gets most of the credit. He (quite accidentally) discovered penicillin in 1928, but it wasn’t actually introduced for widespread use until...