Bettas Station
Betta's Station

Year of publication: 2020
Sequence of author: Betta's station(№1)

Betta's Station

Johnnie Ruffin

Science fiction

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Johnnie Ruffin BETTA’S STATION Book One of the Betta’s Station Series Prologue Citizens. Friends. Awake from your slumber, from your lazy languish, from your bored and purposeless existence, and look here. Before you all, I present a tale that comes before the great Mortality Cure, a time when Humans could only travel by stasis pods. All was ruled by Pilo, the great Corporation then, though we would see it change later on. There was even the rule of law enforced by the federals and not the rule of civility we know so well. Perhaps this experience was catalogued, but now I have it recorded through the use of specially selected memory engrams so that all might experience the wonder of where it all began. It is the story of Betta’s Station, of Betta and Jadis, of Joy, and even Teena Maverick, of the Antogin, and Drafers. And it all begins in the last gasps of Old Earth. By then it was a place of pestilence and decay. Much of our history was lost to...