The Cave of Shadows
The Cave of Shadows

ISBN: 9781916161993
Year of publication: 2020

The Cave of Shadows

Martyn Rhys Vaughan

Science fiction

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Martyn Rhys Vaughan THE CAVE OF SHADOWS To James and Owain. Two men who are not afraid to go where science leads. “All shadows whisper of the sun.” Emanuel Carnevali PROLOGUE Four men sat in the central area of a vast yurt in the village of Interlaken in what had once been Switzerland. From various sites in the area one could admire the mighty peaks of the Eiger, Monck and Jungfrau, now utterly devoid of snow and ice. Of course, no-one referred to them by those names anymore. The old names given by the Degenerates had been swept away and replaced by honorifics of the virile warlords who had carved out new realms from the festering corpse of the despised Old Ways. The four men did not wish to waste time admiring mere slabs of rock and moraine: they had grander things to consider. They were in an ebullient mood – there was the feeling abroad that new conquests were in the offing; new peoples to conquer and enslave. The four...