Frozen Hell
Frozen Hell

Year of publication: 2019

Frozen Hell

John Wood Campbell

Science fiction

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DEDICATION For Leslyn, John, and Katea. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Special thanks to Evelyn Kriete, John D. Mason, Neil Jordan, Christopher Mello, Charles Shanley, and Eric Strauss. PREFACE, by Alec Nevala-Lee The greatest science fiction horror story of all time opens with the accidental discovery of a relic that has gone undisturbed for ages. Frozen Hell was unearthed in much the same way, although its reappearance was somewhat less dramatic. Instead of the Antarctic ice, it resided in an offsite storage facility used by Houghton Library at Harvard, and it wasn’t detected through a magnetic anomaly, but through a line in a letter and an obscure catalog entry. It went overlooked for six decades, rather than 20 million years, which was still long enough for it to be forgotten. And instead of an extraterrestrial spacecraft, it lay within a carton of a few dozen manila folders, labeled lightly in pencil, that...