The Inhabited Island
The Inhabited Island

ISBN: 9781613736005
Year of publication: 2020
Sequence of publisher: The noon universe

The Inhabited Island

Arkady Strugatsky
Boris Strugatsky

Andrew Bromfield

Science fiction

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Arkady and Boris Strugatsky THE INHABITED ISLAND PART I ROBINSON CRUSOE 1 Maxim opened the hatch a little way, stuck his head out, and apprehensively glanced at the sky. The sky was low and solid-looking, without that frivolous transparency that hints at the unfathomable depth of the cosmos and a multitude of inhabited worlds; it was a genuine biblical firmament, smooth and impervious. And this firmament, which no doubt rested on the mighty shoulders of some local Atlas, was lit by an even phosphorescent glow. Maxim searched at its zenith for the hole punched through it by his ship, but there wasn’t any hole, only two large black blots, spreading out like drops of ink in water. Maxim swung the hatch all the way open and jumped down into the tall, dry grass. The air was hot and thick, with a smell of dust, old iron, crushed vegetation, and life. There was also a smell of death, ancient and incomprehensible. The...