Places To Be, People To Kill
Places To Be, People To Kill


Places To Be, People To Kill

Tanya Huff
Martin H Greenberg
Bradley H Sinor
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Jean Rabe
Brittiany A Koren
Jim C Hines
S Andrew Swann
Cat Collins
Sarah A Hoyt
John Helfers
Tim Waggoner
Ed Gorman
John Marco


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Brittiany A. Koren, Martin H. Greenberg, Tanya Huff, Jim C. Hines, Jean Rabe, S. Andrew Swann, Cat Collins, Sarah A. Hoyt, John Helfers, Tim Waggoner, Bradley H. Sinor, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Ed Gorman, John Marco Places To Be, People To Kill Copyright © 2007 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Assassins: An Introduction copyright © 2007 by Brittiany A. Koren Exactly by Tanya Huff, copyright © 2007 by Tanya Huff. Bloodlines by Jim C. Hines, copyright © 2007 by Jim C. Hines. Hang Ten by Jean Rabe, copyright © 2007 by Jean Rabe. Fealty by S. Andrew Swann, copyright © 2007 by Steven Swiniarski. Breia’s Diamond by Cat Collins, copyright © 2007 by Cat Collins. While Horse and Hero Fell by Sarah A. Hoyt, copyright © 2007 by Sarah A. Hoyt. Deadhand by John Helfers, copyright © 2007 by John Helfers. All in the Execution by Tim Waggoner, copyright © 2007 by Tim Waggoner. Money’s Worth by Bradley H. Sinor, copyright © 2007 by Bradley H. Sinor. Substitutions by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, copyright © 2007 by...