Dating Is Murder
Dating Is Murder


Dating Is Murder

Harley Jane Kozak


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Harley Jane Kozak Dating Is Murder The second book in the Wollie Shelley Mystery series, 2005 For my mother, Dorothy Taraldsen Kozak, who would’ve gone to the ends of the earth for us… and no doubt still does. 1 “ Moth harmonica.” That’s what it sounded like, the guttural, heavy-accented syllables coming through my answering machine. A piece of haiku, until the woman rattled off an almost unintelligible series of digits that went on and on, like a credit card number or the miles from earth to Jupiter. I picked up the telephone. “Hi, this is Wollie,” I said. “Who’s this?” “ California? America? Ja?” “Yes, California, America. Who’s this?” “Encino?” “No, not Encino, West Hollywood. Forty minutes away, traffic permitting. Who’s this?” “Ja, ja, who this?” she asked. “That’s what I’m asking,” I said. “Who are you?” “I am Moth Harmonica.” Okay, I’ve heard worse. My own name, Wollstonecraft Shelley, is no picnic, especially for a girl. Or woman, as my friend Fredreeq insists...