The Ghost Pit
The Ghost Pit

Year of publication: 2001

The Ghost Pit

Stephen Baxter

Science fiction

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Stephen Baxter The Ghost Pit As soon as the Spline dropped out of hyperspace, our flitter burst from its belly. After our long enclosure in the crimson interior of the huge living ship, it was like being reborn. Even though I had to share this adventure with L’Eesh, my spirits surged. “Pretty system,” L’Eesh said. He was piloting the flitter with nonchalant ease. He was about sixty years old, some three times my age, a lot more experienced—and he didn’t miss a chance to let me know. Well, pretty it was. The Jovian and its satellites were held in a stable gravitational embrace at the corners of a neat equilateral triangle, the twin moons close enough to the parent to be tidally locked. And beyond it all I glimpsed a faint blue mesh thrown across the stars: an astonishing sight, a net large enough to enclose this giant planet, with struts half a million kilometers long. I grinned. That was proof that this Jovian system was indeed a Ghost pit—a new pit, an unopened pit. Which was why its...

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