The High Crusade
The High Crusade

Year of publication: 1960

The High Crusade

Poul Anderson

Space science fiction

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The High Crusade by Poul Anderson To JENS CHRISTIAN and NANCY — as well as PER and JANNE — gratefully and hopefully Prologue As the captain looked up, the hooded desk lamp threw his face into ridges of darkness and craggy highlights. A port stood open to alien summer night. ’Well?” he said. “I’ve got it translated, sir,” answered the sociotechnician. “Had to extrapolate backward from modern languages, which is what took me so long. In the course of the work, though, I’ve learned enough so I can talk to these … creatures.” “Good,” granted the captain. “Now maybe we can discover what this is all about. Thunder and blowup! I expected to come across almost anything out here, but this—!” “I know how you feel, sir. Even with all the physical evidence right before my eyes, I found it hard to believe the original account. “Very well, I’ll read it at once. No rest for the wicked.” The captain nodded dismissal, and the sociotech departed...

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