We Have Fed Our Sea
We Have Fed Our Sea

Year of publication: 1959

We Have Fed Our Sea

Poul Anderson

Space science fiction

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We Have Fed Our Sea by Poul Anderson They named her Southern Cross and launched her on the road whose end they would never see. Months afterward she was moving at half the speed of light; if there was to be enough reaction mass for deceleration and maneuver, the blast must be terminated. And so the long silence came. For four and a half centuries, the ship would fall. They manned her by turns, and dreamed other ships, and launched them, and saw how a few of the shortest journeys ended. Then they died. And other men came after them. Wars flamed up and burned out, the howling peoples dwelt in smashed cities and kindled their fires with books. Conquerors followed, and conquerors of those, an empire killed its mother aborning, a religion called men to strange hilltops, a new race and a new state bestrode the Earth. But still the ships fell upward through night, and always there were men to stand watch upon them. Sometimes the men wore peaked caps and comets,...

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